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She started her professional career at Telva magazine, where she worked as a fashion stylist for 10 years. She was later named Fashion Director of Vanity Fair Spain. After 5 years, she decided to turn her professional career around by betting on the online world where she developed a new digital project with the newspaper El Confidencial, being the first fashion director of an online magazine in Spain. She has been able to combine her work as a stylist, giving creativity and consulting support to various brands.
Media: Telva, Chic Magazine, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Mujer Hoy, Life Style
Photographers: Norman Jean Roy, Jonathan Becker, Nico Bustos, Mariano Vivanco, David Roamer, Jonas Fredwall Karlsson, Alex Bramall, Gonzalo Machado, Jonathan Segade, Tomás de la Fuente, Pablo Zamora, Sergi Pons, Xevi Muntané… ..

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